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The Whitestone Forum does not have officially-endorsed groups. We encourage you to “own your equipping” — convene your own group at work, at home, or at church!

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Each Seminar is accompanied by a “Seminar Notepad”. Take notes via laptop, tablet, or hard-copy printout, and dive deeper with Application & Action questions!

Lasting Greatness – Seminar Notepad
Lasting Greatness – Seminar Notepad (“Application & Action” Only)
Lasting Greatness – Seminar Notepad (Core Content Only)
Match Made – Seminar Notepad
Match Made – Seminar Notepad (“Application & Action” Only)
Match Made – Seminar Notepad (Core Content Only)

Each download below includes an episode transcript, as well as Application & Action questions for group meet-ups!

38Finance Focus #5 – The Three C’s of Money
37The Digital Disruption of Supply
36The Final Deadline for Many Newspapers
35Daniel #5 – Building Bankable Trust
34John Boyd #3 – iPhones, Software, and Fighter Jets
33The Pony and Romans 8:28
32The Criticality of The Only Accurate Autobiography
31Finance Focus #4: Debt Capital vs. Equity Capital
30Businesses and Nonprofits: Greed or Stewardship?
29The Incredible Opportunity of Leveraging Unused Capacity
28Daniel #4 – Relentlessly Faithful Dailiness
27The John Boyd Series – Part 2: The Art and Science of High Performance
26The Amazing Power of Superior Ownership Alignments
25Finance Focus #3: Your Optimal “Mix of Six” Factors of Production
24Cannibalizing in Your Organization
23Mentoring & Discipling #1 – The Selection of Strong Mentors
22The Mushrooming World of Disintermediation
21Daniel #3 – Lifetime Ambassador
20John Boyd #1 – Building Snowmobiles
19Differentiation, Backward and Forward!
17On Pursuing Fame
16Amazon, Walmart, A&P, and Your Enterprise
15The Vital Importance of Rightly Applying History
14Daniel #2 – Competence
13Boeing and Ethics Dimensions of Cutting-Edge Technology
12A Blockbuster Idea for a Netflix Movie
11Finance #1 – Is Your Use of Debt Good or Bad?
10The Evergreen Target of Being an Elite Knowledge Worker
9The Risks of Mt. Everest vs. Mars Hill
8Feeling Like Adam in Your Economics?
7Why Strong Leaders Devour Book Reviews
6Daniel #1 – Time and Place
5General Electric and Your Same Great Challenge
4Tariffs, the Chicken Tax, and Neighbors
3Uncertainty Creates Epic Opportunities
2Benchmarking to the Uniquely Best for Extraordinary Results
1Full-Time Ministry for Every Christian

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