Resources for group meet-ups and discussions!

All Whitestone Resources are designed to equip individuals and groups alike.


Of course, there is unique iron-sharpening that can come from group contexts!


The Whitestone Forum does not have officially-endorsed groups. We encourage you to “own your equipping” — convene your own group at work, at home, or at church!

Starting a group is hassle-free with:


  • Kick-start resources

  • “Application & Action” printouts for each meet-up

As always, all resources are free!


Get started below!

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Printout Resources for Group Meet-ups


Each Seminar is accompanied by a “Seminar Notepad”. Take notes via laptop, tablet, or hard-copy printout, and dive deeper with Application & Action questions!

Lasting Greatness – Seminar Notepad
Lasting Greatness – Seminar Notepad (“Application & Action” Only)
Lasting Greatness – Seminar Notepad (Core Content Only)
Match Made – Seminar Notepad
Match Made – Seminar Notepad (“Application & Action” Only)
Match Made – Seminar Notepad (Core Content Only)

Each download below includes an episode transcript, as well as Application & Action questions for group meet-ups!

6Daniel #1 – Time and Place
5General Electric and Your Same Great Challenge
4Tariffs, the Chicken Tax, and Neighbors
3Uncertainty Creates Epic Opportunities
2Benchmarking to the Uniquely Best for Extraordinary Results
1Full-Time Ministry for Every Christian